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5 Instances When You Should Opt for Event Catering

Although it may not feel like spring right now, it is certainly on it's way! The spring season is a great opportunity to host an event, and Cerra's Market is here to provide professional food catering services to North Shore residents.

Food catering is a perfect way to make your event unforgettable, as well as a way to feed a large crowd without having to do all the work yourself. Below are a few instances in which you should consider food catering.

5 Event Types Perfect for Food Catering

1. Family Reunions. Planning on having a spring family reunion this year? Easter and spring break holidays aren't far away and offer a great opportunity to get the family together. Let Cerra's Market do the cooking for you so that you can catch up with family members who you haven't seen in awhile. We have dozens of hot catering dishes and side dishes to choose from.

2. Graduation Party. For families with soon-to-be college or high-school graduates, throwing a party for this momentous occasion is a great idea to showcase their hard work. Cerra's Market is here to make the graduation party that much more special by providing freshly-made catering dishes. Opt for platters and any of our specialty items so your guests can quickly grab a nibble while still carrying on a conversation.

3. Company Party. Does your company have a quarterly or bi-annual event? Cerra's Market provides catering services to businesses in the North Shore and greater Boston area! Show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work by opting for delicious catered Italian food from Cerra's Market. We highly recommend anything from the Starters menu or Pizza & Calzones menu!

4. Sporting Event. Whether you've got a large crowd coming to your home to catch a game on the TV, or you're on a local sports team and want to do something special for your team mates, Cerra's Market provides professional food catering for hungry crowds. Opt for our finger sandwich and wrap platter that's fully customizeable, as well as our mini pastries and cookie platter.

5. Birthday Party. The spring season is the best time to have a birthday party! Whether you're hosting the party from your home or from an event venue, Cerra's Market will be there to drop off your catering dishes. We also provide plates, napkins and plasticware so you don't need to make an extra stop at the store for these items. Any dish from our Starters or Pizza & Calzones menus are popular for birthday parties.

Interested in professional Italian food catering services for your spring event? Contact Cerra's Market, located on Route 1, in Saugus today!

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