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How To Construct the Ultimate Italian Cold Cut Sub

When it comes to subs, the Italian cold cut sub is the classic, never-let-me-down favorite. Here at Cerra’s Market we’ve perfected the way we construct our Italian cold cut sub, and we want to give you some insight on how we do it here at our Italian deli in Saugus.

First things first, lay your foundation (i.e. the bread). You’ll want to grab yourself a standard sub roll made from white bread; be sure it’s fresh and perfectly spongy on the inside and slightly crackly on the outside. Feel free to toast yours, but at Cerra’s Market we leave our Italian sub untoasted unless specified.

Next, the meat -- the most important ingredient. We highly recommend heading to your local deli such as Cerra’s Market on Route 1 North in Saugus to get authentic Italian cold cuts. At Cerra’s Market, our cold cuts are cured and sliced thin to bring out the best flavor profile and texture for your subs and sandwiches. Opt for the hot capicola, the classic mortadella and the sopressata to round it off.

The next layer is the only cheese worthy of being placed on an Italian cold cut sub: Provolone. This versatile cheese is light enough to not overpower the flavor of your Italian deli meats but present enough to slightly undercut some of the slice in the meat in order for a more well-rounded taste.

Next add the mirepoix of hoagies: lettuce, tomato and onion in order to add some crunch, freshness and a little bit of acidity to the sub.

Rounding out the finishing touches is the condiments and (you guessed it) the Italian oil. We recommend mayonnaise if you’ve got it, but if you’re looking to get really fancy, head to Cerra’s Market for a container of our house-made pickled vegetable spread. The Italian oil dressing is a mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of dried oregano to finish it off.

Bon Appetit!

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