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Why Choose Cerra's Market For Event Catering

Event catering is always a great option when you've got a lot of mouths to feed. Events such as graduation parties, family gatherings, and small weddings are the perfect opportunity to have someone else cook so you can enjoy the party.

At Cerra's Market, we're here to provide professional food catering for those in the North Shore and greater Boston area. Here are a few reasons why your neighbors and co-workers have been choosing Cerra's Market for their catered events.

-Large Menu Selection. Unlike other Italian catering companies in the area, Cerra's Market is serving up one of the largest menu selections. From hot or cold appetizers to seasonal eats, specialty Italian foods and of course delicious desserts.

-Set-Ups Available. No need to head to the store to purchase plasticware, cups and napkins -- we've got you covered! Simply let us know if you would like set-up services and our catering crew will come prepared with the necessary utensils.

-Always Fresh. As an Italian deli, you know whatever we're bringing to your catered location is going to be fresh. We're all about choosing the highest quality ingredients to add to our dishes so all you'll be hearing during your event is "mmmm".

-Instagram-Worthy Platters. As soon as we place each catered food tray out on the tables, your guests are going to be bringing their phones out to snap some Instagram-worthy photos. All of our catered dishes are artfully crafted and beautifully arranged to elevate your event.

-Year-Round Service. It may be outdoor event season coming up, but keep in mind that Cerra's Market is available for event catering all year long. Whether you have a business meeting in the middle of January or your child's 8th birthday party out in the backyard in July, we'll be here to ensure that your event is memorable and enjoyable.

Do you have an event coming up? Check out our catering menu and contact us today to place an order!

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