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Best Meat to Grill for a Cookout

It's almost BBQ season and that means it's time to start thinking about what types of meat you're going to grill for your family cookouts. Nothing beats the smokey flavor of grilled meat, and you get the added benefit of enjoying the outdoors while you cook.

At Cerra's Market in Saugus, we have the best selection of cut-to-order meats and marinated meat in the North Shore. We meticulously select, cut, and package the freshest meat so that it ends up being the star of the show at your next outdoor party.

If you're unsure what type of meat to grill at your next outdoor cookout, we've got a few suggestions:

-Tenderloin. This cut is from the loin of beef or pork and is known for it's tender, less fatty characteristics. Although more expensive than other cuts, the flavor and texture are well worth the purchase. Impress your guests with a medium-rare tenderloin straight from the grill.

-Rib Eye. The ribeye steak is cut from the outer rib section of beef and are generally well marbled and larger cut. At our deli in Saugus, we ensure that each rib eye is fresh and cut to size. Ask us about our recommended marinades and finishing sauces!

-Sirloin. Cut from the back, the sirloin is an American favorite due to it's family sized portion. The sirloin features lean and well-flavored moderately tender beef that's more affordable than the tenderloin or rib eye.

-Pork Chops. If you're looking to really wow your guests with a unique cut, pork chops are what we would recommend. Pork chops include the rib, making this a fun grilling endeavor. The best park about this cut is that it isn't processed and tends to be much leaner.

-Veal Chops or Cutlets. Veal is well-known for it's tender texture and great flavor. Veal comes from a young male dairy calf and is generally less marbled and easily takes on the flavors of any type of marinade.

This is the season to dust off the outdoor grill and set the date for your next outdoor gathering. Head to Cerra's Market today to purchase your cut-to-order steak!

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