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10 Irresistible Memorial Day Party Food Ideas

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and I've you're planning a backyard get together, then it's time to start thinking about a menu. Our deli and Italian grocery store in Saugus has seen our fare share of backyard gatherings, and one thing is for certain: If you have great food, you're guaranteed to have happy guests. Check out our shortlist of delicious food ideas.

Crowd-Pleasing Memorial Day Party Food

-Kebabs. Kebabs are a fan favorite at backyard parties mostly because they are versatile and surprisingly filling. Make them with a mix of meat and veggies and grill them until slightly blistered. We recommend our marinated steak tips or lemon pepper chicken coupled with red onions, mushrooms and a variety of colored peppers.

-Potato Salad. Nothing says summer like a nice cold side salad. Potato salad is easy enough to whip together and there are dozens of different recipes out there. One thing is for certain though, be sure to use red potatoes and plenty of paprika for a slightly smokey flavor.

-Leafy Salad. For those refraining from meat dishes (or those looking to stay on the healthier side), a hearty salad is always a great option. Choose from the classic Caesar salad or opt for an arugula salad with fresh fruits and nuts. We recommend leaving the dressing on the side -- especially if it's a hot day -- to avoid the leaves from wilting.

-Pasta Salad. One of the best accompaniments to any outdoor BBQ main dish, pasta salad can either be mayonnaise-based or dressing based. Either way, you can add an assortment of veggies to it such as black olives, broccoli, shaved carrots, tomatoes and more.

-Grilled Veggies. Corn isn't quite in season yet but feel free to seek it out at your local farmer's market and (if it's good enough) fire up the grill. Vegetables such as poblano peppers, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant all grill up nicely.

-Slaw. Also known as coleslaw, this crunchy and refreshingly cold side dish works well with BBQ-ed meat. Traditional coleslaw is made from shaved cabbage and plenty of mayonnaise to bind everything together. Not a cabbage fan? There's also delicious broccoli-slaw recipes out there.

-BBQ Chicken. Chicken is one of the most versatile dishes at any Memorial Day cookout. As one of the main dishes, you'll want to make sure you purchase the best chicken available. Cerra's Market has pre-marinated chicken such as lemon pepper, steakhouse, sundried tomato and even marinated chicken wings to choose from. We also provide unmarinated chicken that's packaged fresh daily.

-BBQ Ribs. Another power-house staple dish for your outdoor party, ribs are one of the most messy yet fun foods to eat during the summer. Slap a rack of perfectly marinated ribs on the grill and you'll soon find the majority of your guests will be huddled around the grill with you.

-Burgers. Synonymous with outdoor grilling, burgers hand-packed from Cerra's Market are always a crowd pleaser. After picking up our fresh ground patties from the cooler, head over to our market section to choose toppings and cheeses.

-Baked Beans. Smokey, brown-sugary goodness is what we think of when someone mentions baked beans. Baked beans can be either home made (make sure you prepare these a day in advance) or purchased at your local grocery store. Not a baked beans fan? Cerra's Market offers up dozens of other side dishes for your party

Our goal is to make sure you're prepared for your Memorial Day party as far as food is concerned. Stop in at our deli and grocery store in Saugus today and let us help you choose the best cut meats and sides!

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