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Essential Dishes to Serve at a Dinner Party

Breakfast may be the most essential meal of the day, but dinner is the most anticipated meal of the day. Having a dinner party with friends and family is a great opportunity to get everyone together and enjoy some great food and company. Cerra's Market, an Italian deli and catering company in the North Shore, wants to help you in preparing for your dinner party by providing you with delicious catering meals.

If you aren't used to hosting a dinner party or have never hosted one before, then here are a few essential dishes to add to the menu.

Consider Serving These Dishes at Your Next Dinner Party

Appetizers. There's nothing better than letting your guests mingle around your home while munching on some light appetizers. Veggie platters and cheese platters are who classic appetizer dishes to have at a dinner party because they won't make your guests feel too full.

Soup & Salad. Once you're ready to sit down for dinner, the first course is your traditional soup and salad course. Cerra's Market can create freshly made salads for any sized party and we have a rotating, seasonal soup list from which to choose from. Pair a classic garden salad and chicken and rice soup, or a cucumber salad with minestrone soup. Sky is the limit and there are endless soup and salad combinations.

Entrees. This is the main event! Make sure that you have asks your dinner guests if there are any food allergies or restrictions and be sure to always offer a variety of entrees. Cerra's Market is very accommodating when it comes to food allergies or diet restrictions, which is why we offer an extensive entree menu. Choose from baked ziti and homemade lasagna to chicken piccata or veal marsala.

Side Dishes. Although not always necessary to have at a dinner party, side dishes can be a great addition in order to give guests more food options. Side dishes can also act as a lighter-fare alternative to the entree meals. Cerra's Market offers rice pilaf, roasted potatoes or mixed vegetables, as well as broccoli rabe.

Dessert. There's always room for dessert! Don't forget to order our irresistible desserts that your guests won't want to pass up. Our dessert platters are great for the type of dinner parties where guests often get up and wander around your outdoor space or home mingling with other guests. Cookie platters and mini pastries are ideal grab-n-go desserts that don't require more plates.

Ready to up your dinner party game? Contact Cerra's Market today for professional food catering service. We cover the entire North Shore and the North-of-Boston area along Route 1. Need set-up services? No worries! We also provide plates, napkins and plasticware for a small fee. Request catering services online!

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