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How To Nail Your Next Big Office Meeting

Let's face it: work can be stressful. There are deadlines to meet, emails to respond to, and clients or co-workers to deal with. One of the most stressful aspects about being in the working world is trying to prepare for a big office meeting that you're in charge of running. While we may be in the food business, we know a thing or two about how to put on a good show (just ask anyone we've provided catering services for), so here are a few tips to help you nail your next corporate meeting.

  • Identify the purpose of the meeting. If you don't know the purpose of your office meeting, then chances are you are going to get a few questions from customers or coworkers regarding why they need to attend. Even if the meeting is just about going over quarterly earnings, it's still important to mention this.

  • Develop a meeting agenda. Ever been to a meeting that was disorganized and as a result ended up running longer than expected? This is mostly due to the organizer not having an agenda that they stuck to. Be reasonable with your time and everyone else's.

  • Eat beforehand. This is crucial! Planning and preparing for a big meeting takes a lot of brain power, and your brain needs fuel. We highly recommend snacking on a few of our favorite, freshly made Italian cookies. You can pick them up on your way to the office and we guarantee they will provide you with that much-needed energy to get you through the meeting.

  • Confirm availability of the space. If your office is limited on meeting space, don't forget to reserve the conference room ahead of time -- especially if it is going to be a long meeting. There's nothing more frustrating than finding out the room you want is taken for another meeting.

  • Order food for everyone. If you're really looking to impress the room, then it's time to order lunch for the whole gang. Schedule a lunchtime meeting and order Italian food from Cerra's Market ahead of time and request a delivery time and date. Office and corporate catering is one of our specialties; in fact, we deliver to dozens of office spaces and office parks in Saugus and surrounding areas. Don't forget to check out the catering menu or the deli menu ahead of time and have everyone request a custom order.

Ensuring that your coworkers or clients are well-fed and happy with in turn make the meeting a more successful and enjoyable one. Individuals will think much more clearly on a full stomach than on an empty one, and it's a great chance to keep the meeting more casual (if this is your goal) as well as strike up non-business related conversation. So gather round the conference table and enjoy a delicious Italian made sub or catered dish and nail that next meeting. Contact Cerra's Market today to place an order.

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