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Delis are timeless

For some people, getting something good for lunch is a top priority. It basically decides whether that day is going to be good or not. Some people bring their own lunches, go to mom and pop stores, or grab lunch at restaurants. But one thing is for sure, sandwiches will never go out of style. Sandwiches are literally the easiest lunch you can ever make for any season. In addition to that, the options are endless! One thing that has been the same over the years are delis. People have always been able to rely on the delis to serve them food that can satisfy their cravings. But why do people keep coming back to delis when they have hundreds of new options nowadays?


Delis serves fresh ingredients along with their cold cuts. In the deli store, you can watch your whole sandwich made right in front of your eyes. There would always be a huge difference between pre-packed sandwiches and sandwiches that are made from scratch. Delis cares about providing their customers outstanding service and experience, since most of them are local and their customers are usually the residents that live/work around the area. In the deli stores, sandwiches are usually made by professionals who deeply care about what they make which means they do not mind how long the process is in providing fresh quality sandwiches.


In that same note, deli stores deliver high-quality sandwiches as they are made by artisans who use only the freshest ingredients. As opposed to processed food, deli meats are more nutritious because it has less preservatives. It might not be a popular opinion, but deli meat, once opened, only has a life span of about five days. With the fact that delis give you high quality ingredients, getting your lunch at your local deli can never be a routine as you can mix and match different ingredients to make the perfect sandwich for that day.

At Cerra’s Market, we care about our customers. We only serve the freshest ingredients to go along with our specialty meat. You can be certain that the sandwich you are craving for will be freshly made right in front of your eyes. So, whatever you have planned for lunch tomorrow, drop it, and head on over to our store at Saugus, MA!

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