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Main Focus on Side Dishes

Enough talk about grilled steaks, rotisserie chickens, or roasted salmons. It is time to shed some light to unappreciated food, the side dishes. Eating your entrees are just plain boring but add a little side with it, it becomes heavenly meal. Big things come in small packages, and that is a true statement when it comes to side dishes. Proper side dishes usually come in small portions to compliment your main entree but sometimes, these small portions make all the difference.

Picture this, it’s a typical Friday evening and you have been overwhelmed with work all week. Now you just want a little reward for your hard work and you went out to grab some steak. You order your filet mignon then waited till your server gives you what you ordered. The waiter comes back with a plate with just your steak and all that excitement just went down the drain.

Side dishes don’t just add color and flavor to your meals. They also allow you to have a more balanced healthy diet. By adding more vegetables and fruits to your meals, you can add more nutritional value to your meals without sacrificing the taste.

There are a couple of fresh ways to include healthy side dishes into your entrees. Why not add some greens with a little bit of dressing on the side? Or maybe roast some vegetables? Mash some potatoes and squash? Better yet, steam some vegetables to serve with those dinner meals!

Cerra’s Market in Saugus not only offers deli and meat but also prepared food such as side dishes! We offer a variety of different options that are all freshly made with high-quality ingredients. You can find in our menu some salads, soups, or vegetables that are cooked in various ways. Next time you are out buying meat or sandwiches from us, why not take a peek on some of our homemade mashed potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, meat stuffing, and pies?

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