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Dishes That Will Get You in That Holiday Mood

And just like that, it is the season of giving again! Amidst the freezing temperatures and going outside is twice as much as hard as before, people are always in a joyous mood for the holidays! There is so much going on in this season. People are coming home for the holidays, going to malls to buy presents for their loved ones, or planning out holiday parties with their friends.

Whatever your plan is for the holidays, we bet it involves food!

Cerra’s market is here to help you get in that holiday spirit! Check out some of our delicious dishes that are sure to put you in that holiday mood!

1. Arancini or Rice Balls

Golden fried Panko breaded Saffron Risotto filled with a meat Ragu, peas, and Provolone cheese. Our arancini is one of our specialty items here in Cerra’s Market. With the warm meat mixed in with the peas combined with the melting cheese, a bite of this will surely put you in a warm fuzzy mood

2. Stuffed Peppers

There is nothing like a warm plate of oven roasted bell peppers stuffed with meat and rice stuffing topped off with our house marinara sauce. Another one of our specialty items and definitely a fan favorite!

3. Baked Meat Lasagna

How about that classic lasagna? Using only real Italian ingredients, we make our baked lasagna as authentic as possible! Our goal is to make you experience a warm feeling every bite you take. If this doesn’t give out a holiday vibe, I don’t know what will.

4. Large Calzones

Because Calzones are perfect for any kind of season, of course it will be added in this list. With different varieties, our calzones will surely help you put in a better mood, especially this holiday season!

5. Seasonal Soups

With that freezing temperature s=outside, this season is the perfect time to sip a hearty soup with the family. We have a handful of options of heartwarming soups depending on what your preference is.

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