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Sugar Is So Last Year

National Sugar Awareness week just ended a couple of days ago and we wanted to commemorate it by emphasizing on the greatest tips to cut out sugar out of your lifestyle. Although it may be hard because we live in a world where sweetness is everywhere, it is not impossible. Read more below for some tips on how to lessen your sugar intake.

1. If you can grow it, you can eat it

The first tip is probably the most important tip out of everything else. If you do this, you might be able to cut at least half of the sugar you usually take in. You don’t really have to grow your own food in your backyard. It’s more of like a rule to pick out the fresh food over the processed food.

2. Fast-Food is Never an Option

Eating fast food is basically everything that is wrong in the food we eat right now. Everything that you get in fast food chains is ultra-processed foods and we all know that nothing good comes out of that kind of food.

3. Canned Food Should Be Avoided

Yes, I agree that fruits and vegetables are okay to eat, but not if they are inside cans! Fruits and vegetables inside cans usually contain added sugar and preservatives in it to prolong the shelf life of the products. As much as possible, try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

We are all too busy for a lot of things but when it comes to your health and nutrition, everybody should set aside some time. Rather than ordering take-out, why not go to a grocery store to get all your supplies? If that is still not possible, why not head on over to your local delis, like Cerra’s Market in Saugus MA, where you can see almost everything that you can find in your grocery store. Delis offer so much more than just sandwiches. Usually, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, herbs and spices, meat, and other high-quality ingredients!

Best of luck in reducing your sugar intake and I hope this blog has helped you out a little!

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