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Favorite Pies Around America

Great American pies month is a time to celebrate something that every food lover enjoys - a tasty dessert! Pie is a popular topic of discussion around the holidays, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyed all year round. After some research, we learned that certain states favor different pies and the results are quite surprising! Keep reading to find out if your state made the list and more importantly if their favorite matches up with your personal favorite.

Florida – Florida residents love key lime pie, unlike any other state. The tropical flavor matches up well with the beach atmosphere and palm trees all around, so this one wasn’t much of a surprise. Many people already associate key lime pie with Florida after just one visit! • Michigan – Michigan is home to one of the largest cherry productions in the country. With a whopping 250 million pounds of cherries each year, cheery pie is their favorite! If you make a trip to Michigan, be sure to try a slice of their classic cherry or cherry crumble pie. The fresh cherries and perfected recipes make their pies truly one of a kind. • New York – New York cheesecake can be found advertised in most grocery stores, but you’ll have to take a trip north to try the real thing. New York cheesecake is thick and creamy with a thin graham cracker crust. The name of this dessert may call it a cake, but it’s more closely related to a cream pie than any cake we’ve ever seen! • Rhode Island – Rhode Island may be small on the map, but their flavor is bold. Coconut custard pie holds high popularity in this state. Some of the oldest bakeries in the state specialize in the coconut custard pie and after years of trial and error, they’ve perfected the recipe. • Tennessee – the south loves bold flavors so it’s no surprise that fudge pie makes the top of the list for Tennessee residents. A rich fudge center topped with whipped cream and more chocolate drizzle creates a pie that’s one of the most decadent in the country! Set a fun goal for yourself to try as many new kinds of pie this year during great American pies month. Who would pass up an excuse for a month filled with pies? After all, you may be lucky enough to uncover a new favorite!

No matter what pie you are into, getting the ingredients shouldn't be that hard. Best places to go to when it comes to ingredients are grocery stores and supermarkets, but of course, if you have a local deli, such as Cerra's Market in Saugus, why bother going all the way to the grocery store? Cerra's Market offers most of ingredients you will need in making your favorite pie!

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