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Eating With The Seasons

woman holding up a tray of fruits

As the grass becomes greener and the sounds of nature comes back to us, we already know that the great time to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables is here. Spring vegetables and fruits are usually are full of more color than all-year round fruits and vegetables. They also contain more nutrients that can certainly refresh you mentally and physically during this change of season.

Why is it better to eat with the seasons?

There are a lot of reasons why eating vegetables and fruits with the seasons gives you loads of benefits.

Seasonal produce gives your more nutrients as it is often not being transported in long distances. Produce usually begin losing nutrients as soon as it’s harvested. But with a shorter distance, you can enjoy more health benefits from your produce! Another great thing about eating with the seasons is that it helps the environment. Seasonal produce uses less pesticide as they don’t have to rush the growth of the produce. In addition to that, locally grown, fresh produce tastes a whole lot better when it’s grown in its peak season. Most importantly, eating produce with the seasons supports local business and farmers!

With an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables available, especially here in Massachusetts, there should be no stopping you from getting them for yourself! This is the reason why spring dishes are so flavorful and limited. Eating seasonally benefits you financially too! Because you eat with the season where the produce is at its peak, you pay less for them.

Trying to enjoy spring’s bountiful harvest? Head on over to Cerra’s Market in Saugus, MA and buy some fresh seasonal produce now. You can also try different freshly cooked dishes if you are too lazy to cook that day. Call us now or visit our website to view our menus.

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