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Deli & Catering Company in Salem, MA

Cerra's Market is proud to serve our hand-cut meats and a wide selection of imported and domestic deli meat to residents of Salem, MA. Our meat is always fresh, and quality is a standard never compromised. Salem, MA is a large city in Essex County with more than 41,000 residents. It is a city known for the infamous witch trials and it was also one of the most important seaports in colonial America. There are a lot of residents and businesses in the city of Salem and reach out to us if you would like to have delicious Italian catering for your next big events in your home or company.


Formerly known as Lynnfield Meat & Deli, Cerra’s Market provides the best Italian food and meat in Salem and Essex County. We understand people have busy lives and it’s hard to cook at night after working all day. So, that’s why we made everything on the menu “homemade delicious” and our convenient location on Route 1 are well placed for commuters coming back to the North Shore from Boston. Stop by to grab your favorite Italian dishes such as Arancini, pizza, Chop Suey, sandwiches, and more. To place an order, call 781-666-3929.or fill out our contact form.

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